About Us

Himalaya have not been scaled yet...

so why not come and conquer these majestic mountain peaks with us!

Based in Ahmedabad, VELEMARK is a company passionately committed to Total Quality Travel, with continual delivery of value added services.

At VELEMARK we want you to live the experience. It's our ability to offer great value Adventurous holidays, coupled with unrivaled specialist knowledge and high levels of personalized service that ensures we bring you a holiday that lasts in your memory forever. We uphold the highest ethical standards, that echos in our approach towards our guests. We believe in honest and trasparent deals. Our packages and offers aren't come with any hidden charges and extra costs. There is absolutely no compromise on sightseeing. Isn't it a reason why our guests get 100% satisfaction, something we strive for. Our belief has earned us immense goodwill. And this make us more committed then before.